East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust CFRs

EMAS always provides the fastest possible response to emergency calls using its conventional resources such as ambulances and fast response cars. However, for patients experiencing cardiac arrest every second counts – for every minute that passes without defibrillation a person’s chances of survival can decrease by up to 10%.


The fact is, in the more rural and hard to reach areas of the East Midlands we serve and also in the workplace, Community First Responders have a much better chance of providing the immediate help needed prior to the arrival of an EMAS crew.


In addition to dealing with cardiac arrests, Community First Responders can provide help to patients suffering from medical conditions such as a heart attack or breathing difficulties. By using simple techniques – such as putting someone into the recovery position – you could save a life.


The types of emergency calls which Community Responders are sent to are carefully chosen and an ambulance is always dispatched at the same time as the CFR is alerted.

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