CFR Jargon Buster – where you see a term  [like this] is means can be referred to as …. in other establishments/organisations

Please note that CFRs are likely to use a tiny percentage of these but they have been added by request of CFRs in order that they understand patient’s notes, crew discussions etc.

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SAH = Sub-arachnoid haemorrage

SAN = Spinal Accessory Nerve

SATS = Oxygen Saturation

SBP =Systolic Blood Pressure

SC =Subcutaneous

SCM = Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

SCM = Social History

SHA = Strategic Health Authority

SHAARC = Sotheast Hospital Admission Avoidance and Referral Car

SHO = Senior House Officer

SIRS= Systemic inflammatory response syndrome

SOB = OE/AR = Short of breath on exertion/at rest

Sp02 = Oxygen saturation measured by pulsometer or CO oximeter

SPOC = Single point of contact

SpR = Specialist Registrar

SIRO = Senior Information Risk Officer

STEMI = ST elevation myocardial infarcation

SVT = Supraventricular Tachycardia

SWAH = Safe working at height