CFR Jargon Buster – where you see a term  [like this] is means can be referred to as …. in other establishments/organisations

Please note that CFRs are likely to use a tiny percentage of these but they have been added by request of CFRs in order that they understand patient’s notes, crew discussions etc.

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4Hs = Hypoxia, hypovolaemia, hypothermia, hypo/hyperkalaemia

4Ts = Tension pneumothorax, tamponade, toxins thromboembolism

A&E = Accident and Emergency

AAA = Abdominal aortic aneurysm

ABC = Airways, breathing, circulation

ABCD2 = Age, blood pressure, clinical features, duration and diabetes

ACS = Adult care services

ADRT = Advanced decision to refuse treatment

AED = Automated External Defibrillator

AF =Atrial fibrillation

AGM = Area Genera Manager

ALS = Advanced Life Support

AMPDS = Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System

AMPLE = Handover from Paramedics

APGAR = Appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiratory effort

ATMIST = Handover from Paramedics

AVPU = Alert, responsive to verbal, painful stimuli or Unresponsive